Park Project
Rules and Regulations

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The following "Rules and Regulations" are being promulgated in accordance with the authority granted under "Article 9" for "Escondido Homeowners Association, Inc.". The Board of Directors has the obligation and authority, to approve or disapprove, Homeowner's requests for alterations of any kindto the exterior of our Homes, Lots, or Common Areas. This authority is granted to insure the aesthetic continuity of our Community.

Anything visible to the outside of your home that in any way affects the appearance of the property MUST BE APPROVED IN WRITING IN ADVANCE BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The application and approval process extends even to minor landscaping alterations.

To make written application, contact Apogee New Dawn Association Management, Escondido's property management company. They will provide our Homeowners with an "Architectural Review" form. Submit the completed form to them. The Board of Directors will consider the written application, and give written notice of its decision within sixty (60) days of receipt of the request. Approval will be contingent upon compliance with community and county standards

It is the Board of Director's responsibility to establish and enforce our Community's standards. Although we intend to be as conscientious as possible in reviewing applications, we have a clear duty to all homeowners to exercise positive control over the appearance of our Community.

The Association, the Board of Directors, or its designated Committee shall not be liable for any accident, incident, damage, injury, or loss arising out of, or in connection with the approval or disapproval of any project.

Failure to obtain written approval from the Board of Directors for alterations may result in forced removal of the unapproved changes at the homeowner's expense. The Association will take any steps necessary, including monetary fines and/or legal action to maintain the "Architectural Standards" of our Community. Do not commence any project without prior written approval from the Board of Directors! Verbal or informal consent shall be deemed invalid.




Please be advised that Homeowners will be held responsible for the actions of their families, guests, visitors, tenants, invitees, employees, agents, pets, etc, that may result in disruption or damages to the community and its residents.

We urge your cooperation! Adherence to all of Escondido's duly constituted "Rules and Regulations" will avoid costly legal proceedings against the offenders.

1.0         Maintenance:

1.0 Each Homeowner shall maintain the exterior surface of the Home and Lot in first class condition, as if for sale, at all times.

1.2 Maintenance includes but is not limited to the exterior walls, roofs, windows, doors, driveways, patios, and improvements to the Home.

1.3 Vehicle fluids and other stains shall be removed from driveways immediately.

1.3.1 Driveways made of pavers, concrete, Urotile, spray Crete, etc. must be pressure cleaned and sealed as recommended by the installer.

1.3.2 Asphalt driveways must be resealed at least annually and/or as required by the Association, using a recommended asphalt sealer. For newly repaved asphalt driveways, consult paving contractor for recommended sealer and frequency.

1.4 All exterior building areas shall be painted when signs of fading, pealing or chalking begin to appear. No peeling of paint or discoloration shall be permitted. The Home shall be painted one of the Association's approved color combinations unless an exception is granted by the association.

1.5 All doors, garage doors, trim, shall be painted and/or stained in accordance with the Association's approved paint chart attached.


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1.6 Mailboxes and posts may only be replaced with an Association approved style. (See attached mailbox policy).

1.7 Asphalt Single Roofs are not permitted on any community structure.

1.8 Driveway installation of tiro Tile, spray crete, concrete, or brick pavers are to be installed without removing or altering the Association sidewalk in any way.

2.0 Fencing:

2.1 All fences installed on a Homeowner's property shall be no greater than 6 ft. in height.

2.1.1 The Association will only approve the installation of the following fence types: shadow box wood, PVC and aluminum. All chain link fences must conform to association standards.

2.2 The Homeowner shall be responsible for keeping their fences clean from mold, mildew, dirt, or other visible debris.

2.3 No planted matter of any kind shall extend through the Homeowners fence and become visible to the Community roadways.

2.4 The Owner of each Lot shall maintain their fence in first class condition at all times. The fences shall be repaired, replaced, cleaned, or painted as required.

2.5 If fence replacement is required on a party fence (a fence bordering 2 property lines), it shall be the responsibility and expense of the Homeowner having the fence post in their yard to effect repair. Installation of any new fencing shall have the fence post facing towards the owner's house who is paying for the fence. All new fencing must receive an approval from the Association and documented proof that the installation is going to be placed within that


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homeowner's legal property lines and conforms to the county's setback provisions.

3.0 Landscaping:

3.1 The Homeowner of each Lot shall maintain landscaping in first class condition. As reasonably required, mowing, watering, trimming, fertilizing, weeding, insect and disease control should be performed.

3.2 Landscaped areas shall be sodded with grass, and shall not be paved with gravel or any artificial surface, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors or the Architectural Review Committee.

3.3 All dead or diseased sod, plants, shrubs, or flowers shall be promptly replaced.

3.4 Excessive weeds, underbrush, or unsightly growth shall be promptly removed.

3.5 No artificial grass, plants, or other artificial vegetation shall be placed or maintained upon the exterior of any Lot.

3.6 Extensive landscape changes must be submitted to the association for approval.

4.0       Pets:

4. I Only dogs, cats, and other usual household pets are allowed. The keeping of domestic pets is not a right of a Homeowner, but is a conditional license. This license is subject to termination at any time should the Board of Directors determine that the animal constitutes a nuisance or menace to the community residents and visitors.

4.1.1 Akita, Pit bulls and/or any other known naturally aggressive dogs are not permitted.

4.2 Residents shall pick up and remove any solid animal waste deposited by their pet(s) on Common areas and/or any lot.




4.2.1 Failure to pick up pet waste shall result in the Association hiring a Janitorial Service to remove and dispose of the waste. The pet owner is subject to the cost of the Janitorial Service. This amount will be levied against the pet owner's Home as a "Special Assessment" fee.

4.3 All animals shall be kept on a leash at all times when outside the Home or fenced area.

4.4 Pets are strictly prohibited from roaming freely on the Common Areas or private property.

4.5 Pet owners shall be responsible for any damage to persons or property caused by their pets. Should any pet have two or more separate incidents of harm to association residents or pets, the animal will be subject to permanent removal by County Animal Control at the homeowner's expense.

4.6 Pets shall not be a disturbance, such as continuous barking,

to other residents at any time, especially at night.

5.0 Signs:

5.1 No signs of any kind shall be placed upon or in any Lot,

Home, vehicle or anywhere on common property.

5.2 Security and Alarm signs may be placed upon the Homeowners Lot. Signs shall not exceed 8 1/2" x 11".

6.0 General Responsibilities: (Refer to Florida State Statue 689.26. A copy has been provided at the end of this document.)

6.1 It is the Homeowner's responsibility to maintain copies of all of their Association Documents including, but not limited to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Association By-laws, The Rules and Regulations, and any other correspondence issued by the Association.




6.2 It is the selling Homeowner's responsibility to provide copies of all written information legally required for the purchasers of a Home.

6.3 If the Home is leased or rented, it is the Homeowner's responsibility to notify Escondido's Property Management Company of the new residents.

6.4 If the Homeowner sells the Home, it is the Homeowners responsibility to notify the Property Management Company of the new Owner(s).

6.5 If the Homeowner of the Home does not live on the property, it is the Homeowner's responsibility to notify the Property management company in writing. The Homeowner shall provide the Property Management Company with a complete address and telephone number where the Ilomeowner can be reached. For newly leased properties or existing rental properties, the homeowner must provide the names and related information regarding the prospective lessees as stipulated in Use Restrictions, Section 3.0, of the D.C. & R.

7.0 Parking:

7.1 Vehicles may be parked only in garages, driveways and roadways.

7.1.1 No vehicle or other possessions belonging to an Owner or to an Owner's family member, guest, invitee or tenant, shall be positioned in such a manner as to impede or prevent ready ingress or egress to another Owner's driveway, or to impede the free and unobstructed use of any roadway or sidewalk.

7.1.2 This restriction shall not apply for registered guest vehicles displaying a valid parking number issued by the Property Management Company with a specified date of expiration. You must contact the Property Management Company with


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advanced notice to request a guest parking validation number.

7.1.3 Government service vehicles are excluded from these parking restrictions provided they are: clearly marked by permanent paint or decals as a government service vehicle; parked in front of a resident's Home; and do not impede access for any other resident or emergency and community service vehicles.

7.1.4 Parking wholly or partly upon any sidewalk, lawn, grass, median strip, berm, or other landscaped area or walkway or in front of a fire hydrant is strictly prohibited.

7.1.5 Trucks, trucking rigs, commercial vehicles, campers, mobile homes, motor homes, boats and boat trailers, house trailers, or trailers of every other description are prohibited from being parked or stored anywhere upon the properties or upon any lot except that such vehicles may be parked or stored entirely within closed garages. This restriction shall not apply to trucks and other vehicles being temporarily parked, such as for pick-up, delivery, home repair or other commercial services. The term "commercial vehicle" shall include automobiles, trucks, and vehicular equipment, including station wagons, utility trucks, and vans, which bear permanent signs, or shall have permanently printed on same some reference to any commercial undertaking or enterprise, or vehicles of more than eight feet (8') in height or any vehicle specifically outfitted to give the appearance of a vehicle for use in any commercial undertaking (i.e. ladder racks, tool boxes, etc.).


Text Box: C: EHA Rules 6i, Rep.	8	10/25/2012ESCONDIDO HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.

RULES AND REGULATIONS cont'd Extended panel vans are considered commercial vehicles and are not permitted to be parked in Escondido.

Pick-up trucks used for residential purposes are allowed provided that either they are parked inside the garage overnight or they have a hard cover for the cargo bed (no extended covers or camper tops). No commercial writing, rigging, ladders, etc, are permitted to extend from the vehicle.

7.1.6 Vehicles may not be parked or stored in such a way as to obstruct the free-flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic through, over, or upon roadways, walkways, driveways, and cul-de-sacs.

7.1.7 Any vehicles parked or stored upon the premises must carry a current, valid registration and license tag and must be operable under its own power.

7.1.8 Derelict, abandoned, unregistered or junked vehicles may not be stored anywhere within the community.

7.1.9 Motor vehicles may not be serviced, repaired, disassembled, or assembled anywhere upon a lot or the Common Areas except in the case of an emergency.

7.1.10 Vehicles may only be parked on our roadways for a period of 72 hours before having to relocate to another area for safety reasons. Vehicles may not be parked within 15 ft. of a turn or a stop sign.

Vehicles in violation of the foregoing restrictions are subject to being towed from the premises at the owner's expense and liability.



RULES AND REGULATIONS 8.0 Vehicular Traffic:

8.1 Speed limits throughout the Community must be strictly adhered to.

8.2 When driving on the property, residents should not be able to hear music outside of the vehicle.

8.3 Any drivers on the property shall yield the right of way to children, pedestrians and wildlife at all times without exception.

8.4 Homeowners will be held liable for any damage caused by their families, guests, tenants, visitors, agents, and employees through improper use of a motor vehicle on the community private drives.

8.5 Operation of unregistered vehicles.

Any unlicensed vehicle such as golf carts, scooters, go carts, quads, dirt bikes, ATV's, etc, are strictly prohibited from being used anywhere within the community.

9.0     Use Restrictions:

9.1 No audio, visual or home entertainment equipment shall be heard at a level that is a disturbance to nearby neighbors.

9.2 No substance, thing, or material shall be kept upon the Home that emanates a foul or offensive odor.

9.3 No illegal activities of any kind shall be performed in any Home, Lot, Pool, or on any of the Common Areas of Escondido. Walking or running on common area sidewalks is permitted, provided that the possibility of uneven surfaces caused by tree roots is taken into account by the pedestrian or runner.




9.3 (cont'd) When performing similar activities in the common area private drives, care must be taken to insure that reflective clothing or blinking lights are worn to alert drivers to slow down to avoid accidental human contact.

9.4 Motor craft or watercraft of any kind are strictly prohibited on any Canal or Lake within Escondido property.


Swimming and boating are expressly PROHIBITED on any of our lakes. The Association routinely maintains the water quality and bank appearance through the use of chemicals. While the chemicals are regulated by both State and Federal E.P.A. guidelines, these are not the type of chemicals found in your neighborhood pools. The Association assumes no responsibility for any injuries or death caused by lake use.

Fishing on the bank of our largest lake is for the sole use of lot owners that border the lake and their guests. While the lake itself is community property, the land bordering the lake is privately owned. Trespassing is not allowed. Fishing on the banks of our lakes located in the Eastern most section of our community is for the benefit of all homeowners and their guests. This activity is permitted only with adult supervision.


  • Florida is home to alligators and a variety of poisonous snakes, any of which could be present in or near out lakes.
  • Fish taken from any of our lakes should never be eaten.
  • Children or pets should never be left unattended near the edge of any lake.
  • The Association assumes no responsibility for any injuries or death caused by lake use.


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9.5 LAKE & PARK USEAGE:(Cont'd)

The use of the park by children for the purposes of legitimate exercise is allowed provided that a sporting event or game tailored to the limited area is chosen and play is conducted in a healthy, unintimidating manner. Games that cause or result in a ball of any kind escaping from the confines of the park area are prohibited to avoid interference with legitimate vehicular traffic. Unsupervised games will be monitored by members of the board of directors and if determined to be of an unsafe nature, must be immediately concluded as directed.

9.6 No business shall be conducted on Escondido property that is any way apparent or detectable by sight or sound from the outside of the property, or that creates a nuisance to neighbors. Businesses or enterprises unlicensed by Palm Beach County are also prohibited from being conducted anywhere within the community.

9.7 Newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers, etc. shall be promptly removed from driveways, walkways, or lawns.

9.8 No one shall participate in door-to-door solicitation or distribution of materials of other residents, except when required or approved by the Association.

9.9 No one is permitted to alter, adjust, regulate, or tamper with any electrical, mechanical or plumbing equipment, fixtures, or installations belonging to the Association.

9.10 Garbage receptacles shall be placed outside the property after 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to garbage or recyclable pickup. They shall be removed and properly stored immediately following pickup, and no later than 9:00 p.m.

9.11 Window or wall air conditioners are prohibited.


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9.12 Hurricane Shutters shall not be affixed to the exterior of a home for any reason other than "immediate storm

preparation" as indicated by current weather conditions.

9.13 Hurricane Shutters shall be removed within 10 days of the storm's passing.

9.14 Awnings of any type are prohibited in the front of the home.

9.15 Seasonal decorations shall not be displayed more than 30 days before or 14 days after the holiday.

9.16 Toys, bicycles, tables, chairs, and other personal property shall be removed from Common Areas unless in use.

9.17 The use of fireworks is restricted to twice a year, on July 4th and New Year's Eve. The use of fireworks on these evenings must cease no later than 1:00 A.M. Homeowners using fireworks must promptly clean up and remove any and all debris from all affected properties.

9.18 Homeowners are responsible to maintain the swale area directly adjacent to their lot. This includes, by way of example but not limitation; landscaping, tree maintenance, mowing and maintaining the irrigation in the grassy area, removing any litter or debris and keeping the sidewalks clean. Additionally, Owners of Lots abutting the Lakes shall have the obligation to maintain their respective Lakeside Areas (as described in Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Escondido), Any such Lake Side Area maintenance must be approved in writing by the Association, and additionally by Palm Beach County in cases where removal involves protected trees as designated by the county, By way of example, but not limitation, homeowner Lakeside Area maintenance includes landscaping, maintaining trees, preventing and correcting erosion, planting and cutting grass and the removal of litter.


Text Box: C: EHA Rules & Regs.	13	10/25/2012ESCONDIDO HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.


Retention ponds have a tendency to suffer from soil erosion on the pond banks due to natural wave action. Homeowners who live on land that surrounds a retention pond and are seeing signs of bank soil erosion should contact the Architectural Control Committee to discuss possible solutions before taking any repair action. There are passive devices that can aid the sediment in the lake to backfill the pond banks through natural wave action. We encourage that this kind of natural, long-term solution be considered before resorting to the use of cement bags placed along the pond bank underwater to deter further bank erosion.

9.19 The use of temporary storage such as PODS may only be used in the driveway for a maximum period of 48 hours and no more than one (1) time per year.

9.20 Unless approved in writing by the Board of Directors, absolutely no advertisements, or notices of any kind shall be placed upon the Home, Lot, or Common Areas, for any reason, including mail boxes, light fixtures, signs, fences, etc. The only signs permitted shall be from the Association.

9.21 Permanent generators may only be placed on lots with prior written approval from the Association and Palm Beach County. Generators may not be placed on a lot anywhere that is viewable from the roadway. Additionally, the Association may require said units to be shielded by landscaping, fencing, etc.

9.22 Temporary generators are inherently noisy and should be placed as far away from other adjacent structures as possible to avoid sound entrapment. The permitted hours of operation are no earlier than 7:00 AM and no later than 10:00 PM to avoid disrupting neighbors' sleep.

The foregoing "Rules and Regulations" are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.



Florida State Statue 689.26

Prospective purchasers subject to Association membership requirement; disclosure required. (1) A prospective parcel owner in a community must be presented summary before executing the contract for sale. The disclosure summary must be in a form substantially similar to the following form:

* * * * * * * * * * *


  1. As a purchaser of property in this Community, you will be obligated to be a member of a Homeowners' Association.
  2. There have been or will be recorded restrictive covenants governing the use and occupancy of properties in this community.
  3. You will be obligated to pay Assessments to the Association, which Assessments are subject to periodic change.