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Madria Circle - Lift Station

Jul 21, 2016

As many of you have probably noticed Palm Beach County Utilities (Water & Sewer) are replacing the existing lift station located at the entrance to Madria Circle. The association doesn't have anything to do with this project as it is being performed and paid for by the County. Some of you may not have realized that there was an existing lift station in the same location due to the amount of overgrown trees and shrubs in the area. I don't have a reason for the lift station replacement but my guess is that it is being replaced due to age and durability. The new lift station is made of concrete while the existing lift station was made of a type of fiberglass material. For quick reference our neighborhood has (2) lift stations with the other lift station being located along Lyons Road 4 houses north of the guardhouse. The lift station along Lyons Road was replaced about 10 years ago so there shouldn't be a need for another upgrade for a number of years.

Quick explanation as to what is a lift station................... A lift station is used for pumping wastewater or sewage from a lower to higher elevation. When you flush your toilet or take a shower the water leaves your house and connects to a gravity sewer line underneath the roadway. The gravity sewer line collects the sewer from the houses and flows to the lift station where it is then pumped through a force main to another force main that leads to the County's wastewater treatment plant. The lift station is necessary because you can only run the gravity sewer lines so deep until it becomes cost prohibitive to go any deeper.

If you have any questions or concerns please call Palm Beach County Utilities Department. Hopefully the construction will soon come to an end.

Escondido Board of Directors