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Sunday Regulations Updated Effective Immediately

Sep 22, 2015

Today a letter was mailed to each residence outlining the new regulations for Sundays. In summary if an activity is allowed on Monday through Saturday it will now be allowed on Sunday as well. The letter that you will be receiving contains the following..............

Please be advised that on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 the Escondido Board of Directors approved a motion to revise the Escondido Rules and Regulations as outlined below. The changes listed below are effective immediately. The following activities will now be allowed to be conducted 7 days a week including on Sundays. The Board is currently working on updating the Rules and Regulations for the neighborhood and the following will be incorporated into the updated Rules and Regulations and distributed to the community once complete.
1.   All contractors will be allowed to work within Escondido on Sundays during the normal working hours of 8am to 7pm. Contractors arriving prior to 8am or after 7pm will not be allowed in the community.
2.   Moving trucks will be allowed within Escondido on Sundays. Please note that overnight parking of moving trucks is still prohibited, but may be reviewed on a case by case basis for approval. Residents wishing to park moving trucks overnight within the community must fill out an architectural request form to receive permission.
3.    All rules that apply to all contractors performing work in Escondido Monday through Saturday will now apply to Sunday as well.
4.   Improvements to a residence requires an architectural committee request (ARC) form. Contractors that are performing work for homeowners that require architectural committee permission will be allowed to work within community provided the work has been granted ARC approval. Contractors performing work without an ARC approval will be asked to leave the community and/ or will be denied access.

Escondido Board of Directors