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Upcoming Board Meeting Wednesday July 15th

Jul 7, 2015

At the upcoming board meeting we will have our first open discussion regarding possible proposed changes to the associations rules and regulations. This will be the first of a few meetings to discuss potential changes but the goal is to provide if deemed necessary updated rules and regulations by the end of the year at the latest. Please keep in mind that any proposed changes will not effect any existing improvements you have made to your residence. At the end of the process if changes are made to the rules and regulations hard copies of the rules and regulation will be mailed out to each residence for their records.

Some of the topics open for discussion include but is not limited to the following:

1. Updating the policy on commercial vehicles not being allowed on Sunday's. Modifications Being considered would allow commercial vehicles of all kinds in the community on Sunday's from 8am-7pm to replicate the policy from Monday to Saturday. This includes moving trucks of all kinds.
2. Specific design criteria for new circular driveways to ensure they are landscaped properly.
3. The elimination of pre-approved color combinations and leaving a final approval / determination of any proposed colors to the architectural committee on a case by case basis as submitted by the homeowner.
4. Updating the mailbox policy. Minor modifications needed.
5. Possible changes to the type of fences allowed with the community.
6. Update an outdated section that relates to guest parking policy and regulations.
7. Possible changes to the type of pickup trucks allowed within the community while still not allowing "commercial" pickup trucks.
8. Update the definition and description for commercial vehicles. In particular attempt to better define working vans and trucks.
9. Update the lake usage policy to better define what is acceptable. Minor changes needed.
10. Update the hurricane shutter policy. Minor changes needed.
11. Update the seasonal decoration policy. Minor changes to allow greater flexibility.
12. Update the policy on PODS and similar type storage units.

If you have an opinion on any of the above topics feel free to contact one of the board members to let your opinion known or feel free to email Crest Management with any specific opinions you might have on any of the rules and regulations. As always all homeowners are welcome to attend board meetings.


Escondido Board of Directors