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Newsletter > Escondido Lyons Road Improvements & Decal Distribution 05-22-15
Escondido Lyons Road Improvements & Decal Distribution 05-22-15

May 22, 2015

The installation of the new hedge along Lyons Road was completed today. On Tuesday the contractor is scheduled to refine some of the grading of the berm followed by installation of new sod taking place later in the week (most likely Friday). Another quick update will be provided next week to let everyone know what day the sodding will take place. To assist with the safety of the workers and to ensure to sod can all be placed in one day a lane along Lyons Road will be closed. Please excuse any maintenance or workers vehicles parked near the entry during this time period. A quick summary outlining the final project budget will be provided at the end of the project.

In addition in the upcoming week the short ficus hedge along the south side of the park near the ATT cabinet will be replaced with new hedge material.

Car Decals
Please mark your calendars.......the distribution of new car decals is scheduled for Saturday June 13th from 8am-11am at the guardhouse. Starting July 1st if your vehicle doesn't have a new sticker you must enter through the visitors side of the entry. If you are unable to obtain a sticker on the 13th you may contact the management company to obtain a sticker. Each resident will be receiving a packet in the mail next week outlining the decal distribution.

Wishing Everyone a Great Holiday Weekend.

Escondido Board of Directors