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Escondido Improvements Update 05-12-15

May 12, 2015

Just a quick update on some of the improvements taking place in the neighborhood.

1. Sidewalk repairs throughout the community were recently completed. A contractor will be coming by tomorrow to fill the void spaces adjacent to some of the walks (this doesn't occur everywhere but in a few places where new sidewalks were poured).
2. New mulch was recently placed at the park and around the guardhouse
3. Pressure cleaning of the guardhouse roof, entry sidewalks, and entry signs and light poles are scheduled for this week.
4. Trimming of the Oaks trees got pushed back by the contractor due to weather and workload and we are still waiting on an updated schedule from them but it is our goal to have them trimmed within the next week or two.
5. The irrigation repairs and new installation along Lyons Road were completed today.
6. Now that the irrigation along Lyons Road is complete the installation of the hedges are anticipated to start as early as tomorrow. The irrigation is scheduled to run at night and is brand new so if anyone sees any issues with lack of pressure or irrigation heads spraying onto Lyons Road please let the management company or one of the board members know so we can have it fixed right away.
7. The hedge installation is anticipated to take a little over a week.
8. Once the hedges are complete we will have the slope re-graded, and raked.
9. The sod installation will be scheduled immediately following the finalized grading which will then be followed by a re-check of the irrigation system.

Once the above work is finished we will be able to refocus and prioritize some smaller but much needed improvements such as replacing some of the landscaping around the entrance, aeration repairs, etc.

Escondido Board of Directors