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Newsletter > Board of Directors Meeting - 04/21/21 @ 6;00pm
Board of Directors Meeting - 04/21/21 @ 6;00pm

Apr 21, 2021

Escondido Homeowner Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
6:00 PM
Via Zoom
I.   Call to Order and Establish Quorum

II.   Approval of Minutes

Board to Confirm Speed Bump Location with a Vote:
•   The proposed location of 2 new speed bumps along EWE. The minutes state specific addresses for the new speed bumps. The map that was presented during the meeting showed different locations than the addresses reflected in the minutes. Quick vote to confirm the actual location of the proposed speed bumps (Map vs Addresses).

III.   Old Business:
•   Approve $1,800 to JAM irrigation for emergency irrigation pump repairs
•   Approve $1,100 for Baker Landscape for root pruning. $1,000 was previously approved but an additional $100 was needed to cover the project cost.
•   Revisit Minutes from Oct, 2020 regarding sidewalk expenditure

IV.      New Business:
Vote to approve:
•   $550 to pressure clean guardhouse roof, concrete curbs and sidewalk (Hoppers)
•   $900 to kill weeds for the Roadway Project. $900 includes 2 applications. (Baker) – Billed to Roadway Reserve fund.
•   $4,680.00 for 120 additional linear feet of curbing in 5 locations (All County) – Billed to Roadway Reserve Fund
New Business:
•   Digital Signature for checks – Chad, Noreen, and Karen ($25 each)
•   Halloween Parade - $300 contribution (Food & Drinks)
•   Community Garage Sale

V.   Committee Reports (Summary of Committee Expectations)
•   Treasurer’s Report – year-end report
•   Security
•   Orientation
•   Architectural
•   21142 Madria Arch application for Chain Link Fence
•   Landscaping
•   Maintenance
•   Legal
•   21210 Escondido Way North Ledger
•   Status Report

VI.    Roadway Project Discussion
•   Schedule and Homeowner Notification Process

VII.   Adjournment – Next Meeting

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